Gifted Testing for Children & Students

Gain clarity on your child's intellectual strengths and weaknesses. We offer gifted testing for children in Dade County and Broward County, FL.

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Each provider on our team has different areas of expertise, for which they have been trained to provide specialized services. Some of our specialty areas include:

Gifted Program Enrollment Testing

IQ Testing for Private School Admissions

IQ Testing for Developmental Information

Why Pursue a Gifted Assessment for Your Child?

Modified curriculum to better stimulate and reinforce your child’s intelligence

Your child gets an opportunity to be enrolled in the gifted program, which would place them around other children at their same advanced level and with a teacher who is specialized in fostering their unique abilities.

No waiting for testing or results

Gifted testing in the school system can sometimes have a yearlong waitlist. By seeking a private assessment, you won’t have to wait for testing or results. This helps get your child placed much faster if eligible.

Gain clarity on your child’s strengths and weaknesses

GIfted testing gives clarity of your child’s intellectual strengths and weaknesses. With that, parents and teachers can be informed of how to reinforce their learning via their strengths and intervene on weaknesses.

What to Expect

An IQ/Gifted testing appointment lasts no more than two hours and we provide you with same-day results regarding your child’s eligibility and next steps to take. Within three business days of testing, you will have a finalized report you can submit to your child's school. This process makes gifted testing efficient; no more having your child on a long waiting list at the school, missing their opportunity to enroll in the gifted program immediately.

For parents who are wanting testing simply for their own knowledge of their child's ability, we are also happy to complete this IQ testing service for children as young as 2.5 years old. Please contact us today to learn more or book an appointment! Our services are available to Florida residents in Hallandale, Hollywood, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Aventura, and more.

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