Child Assessment

Gaining clarity and the necessary interventions or placements best suited for your child. We offer gifted testing and psych evaluations for children in Dade County and Broward County, FL.

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Each provider on our team has different areas of expertise, for which they have been trained to provide specialized services. Some of our specialty areas include:

Private IQ and Gifted Program Enrollment Testing

Psychoeducational Testing for ADHD/Learning Disorders

Psychological Testing for Anxiety, Depression, and Behavior Issues

How we can help you:

Private, Comprehensive Testing

Our testing is designed to answer your specific questions about your child’s current functioning and needs. As applicable, testing may give clarity via a private diagnosis to assist in your understanding of how to best help your child and what services they may qualify for.

Tailored Recommendations for Success

Based on the results of the evaluation as well as any profiles of strengths/weakness, we provide recommendations of services and/or strategies that can be completed in the school and home setting to support your child’s development and overall success.

Thorough, Easy-to-Follow Documentation

We adhere to the standards of local school boards to ensure our reports adequately advocate for your child’s needs. This helps you to obtain the accommodations or appropriate placement for your child to be in the best position to excel academically and reach the dreams you have for them.

What to Expect

An IQ/Gifted testing appointment lasts no more than two hours and we provide you with same-day results regarding your child’s eligibility and next steps to take. A finalized report you can submit to your child's school will be ready for you within three business days of testing. This process makes gifted testing efficient; no more having your child on a long waiting list at the school, missing their opportunity to enroll in the gifted program immediately. For parents who are wanting testing simply for their own knowledge of their child's ability, we are also happy to complete this IQ testing service for children as young as 2.5 years old.

Our psychoeducational/psychological tests include a 1-2 hour parent interview to better understand the concerns you have of your child, as well as a teacher interview and possible direct observation of your child in school. Your child may then attend a 2-4 hour appointment to complete various performance tasks that will objectively measure their abilities and increase understanding of their strengths/weaknesses. Within two weeks of this latter appointment, a full report will be prepared for you and you will meet for a one hour feedback session to review all results and ensure your understanding of the recommendations.

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