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Specializing in therapy and assessment, we uncover the root of your challenges and guide you toward reaching your full potential.

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Our sole focus: help you reach your life goals

Strengths and Solutions is dedicated to providing high-quality, client-centered care that supports mental health as an essential priority. We strive to help you develop the skills and insights needed to overcome your challenges, achieve your goals, and live your best, most fulfilling life.

About us

Assessments, our expertise

Strengths and Solutions specializes in assessment for children and adults. Our experts provide thorough tests to identify psychological conditions (such as learning disorders, and ADHD) and help secure needed accommodations as a result.

Gifted Testing

Gifted testing enables us to identify children with exceptional intelligence and provide the documentation needed for your child to enroll in the gifted program at their school.

Psychoeducational Evaluations

Psychoeducational evaluations help us answer questions about why you or your child may be experiencing challenges in school and/or work and what accommodations may best help.

Psychological Assessments

Through general psychological assessments, we provide clarity about what mental health diagnoses are present and give you expert guidance on managing troublesome symptoms effectively.

Looking for a job in therapy or assessment? 

Strengths and Solutions welcomes qualified therapists and assessors seeking a flexible, part-time position to join our team of mental health professionals.

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