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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs to find answers to common queries about our mental health services, policies, payments, and more.

General Questions

How soon can we get started?

Our aim is to have you on our schedule and see you within one week of you contacting us. Please call or email us today to see when our next available appointment is. We look forward to begin working with you.

Do you accept insurance?

Some of our providers currently accept AAKOMA, Aetna, AvMed, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Cigna, Curative, Evernorth, First Health, FL Blue, Loveland, Oscar, Optum, Tricare, United and UMR. Please note, we are unable to accept the Medicaid/Medicare and EAP versions of these plans. For all other insurance plans, we are an out-of-network provider. What this means is that, while we will not bill those insurance carriers directly, the insurance company would instead directly reimburse you for your payment of services. If you wish to use your insurance plan’s out-of-network benefits, please let us know and we will submit the necessary documentation for your reimbursement. Please also see below more frequently asked questions regarding using insurance for therapy or assessment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and debit/credit cards from all major card companies, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept health savings account (HSA) cards, as provided to you by your insurance or employer.

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

We understand that things happen! We ask of our clients to be considerate of their therapist's schedules as well as the possible appointment needs of other clients, by providing a minimum 24-hour notice to cancel their appointments. Any appointments cancelled with less than 24-hour notice (or no shows) will automaically be assessed a $50 late cancellation fee.

Questions about Therapy

Do you provide therapy for children?

At this time, we provide therapy only for adults and adolescents above age 12. If your child, younger than 12, completes an assessment with us and it seems they may benefit from enrolling in therapy, we will provide you with referrals for child therapists near you.

How long does therapy take?

Each individual session runs about 45-50 minutes long. The course of therapy varies greatly by the individual. Some clients attend for as short as eight weeks while others may benefit for a longer duration, such as six months or more.

How much does therapy cost?

Therapy is a worthy investment in yourself and your future! How much would say your mental health and overall well-being is worth? At Strengths and Solutions, individual therapy starts at $150 per session and couples therapy at $175 per session. We hope to make therapy as affordable as possible, and thus, these are competitive rates in the local market, where sessions can be as high as $200 or more. For financial reasons, some clients choose to meet on an every other week basis instead of weekly. This is a perfectly fine option that we can discuss during your first session or initial free phone consultation. If you are using insurance for your sessions, you may likely only have to pay a small co-pay amount per session, unless you have a deductible that must be met first. We recommend contacting your insurance company to ask them about your "benefits for outpatient psychotherapy."

What if you don't accept my insurance; what are my options?

Check with your insurance to see whether you have "out-of-network benefits." If you do, you can be reimbursed for your services with us, thus still being able to have therapy at a discounted rate, similar to if you were using your insurance. Some people also have a "health savings account" (HSA) included with their insurance plan. This is money available to you to pay to see any provider, even one that does not accept your insurance. At Strengths and Solutions, we can charge your health savings account the same way we charge any credit/debit card. You may also want to check to see what your insurance benefits are for psychotherapy, in general. Some insurance plans do not even cover seeing a therapist, or you may have to pay a high deductible before you can begin reaping the insurance benefits. In these cases, you may still choose to have services with us, even if we do not accept your insurance, as the cost may be relatively comparable/affordable.

Questions about Assessments

What does psychological testing entail?

This depends on the test. Testing typically begins with a one- to two-hour interview. At this appointment, you may also fill out questionnaires about yourself or your child. The following appointment can be a few hours and involves hands-on tasks to better understand your or your child’s functioning. It is likely that your provider will also reach out to other professionals familiar with you or your child, who may be able to provide additional useful information. We then meet for a feedback session, where we review the results, discuss relevant strengths, and answer your areas of concern.

Note: For gifted testing and private school admissions, this is much abbreviated and all takes place in one short appointment!

Please check our services page for more detailed information on the process/timeline for the specific evaluation you are seeking.

How soon will I know the results?

Depending on the psychological testing provided, results are available same day or within two weeks.

Gifted testing and IQ testing for private school admissions render same day results and a full report provided within five business days.

Results and a full report for child psychoeducational evaluations and adult psychological evaluations are available within two weeks of the last appointment.

We understand how challenging it can be to wait for testing results, especially when they impact school or other planning. Thus, our goal is to get you the answers you’ve been seeking as soon as possible. Please inform us if there is any deadline you have for documentation.

How do I know if testing is necessary for me?

This is a question we take very seriously as we always want to ensure that our services are a good fit. For this reason, when you call us, we will consult, free of charge, about your needs and hopes for testing. We will briefly review any previous history of testing, symptoms experienced, specific questions you have, and documentation requirements. If we find that our testing is a good option for you, we will work with you on scheduling an appointment. Should this not be the case, we will still refer you to any services in the area to best address your concerns.

What are your rates?

At Strengths and Solutions, we provide psychological testing at competitive rates in the local market, as follows:

Gifted testing: $475
Psychological testing: $1500
Psychoeducational testing: $2500

Though payment is typically provided in full, we are happy to collaborate on a flexible payment plan that may work well for you. Please call our office or book a complimentary consultation to tell us a little more about your assessment needs so that we can provide you with an exact quote.

Will my insurance cover testing?

At this time, we are not accepting insurance for assessments. At standard, testing that is purely educational in nature, such as gifted testing or IQ testing for private school admissions, will not be covered by insurance. Similarly, psychoeducational testing used to answer questions of whether you or your child has a learning disability or ADHD, for example, may only be partially covered or not covered at all. If you have out-of-network benefits with your insurance plan, we'd be happy to submit documentation to the insurance on your behalf so that you may be reimbursed possibly up to 85% of your evaluation payment.

Are you available to help advocate for my or my child's needs?

Yes; in fact, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue to work with you to ensure that our testing recommendations are understood and implemented for the well-being of yourself or your child. We have experience with managing appeals, consulting with other providers/educators, and attending IEP meetings. Please let us know of any way which we may best serve you.